Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Learn to Gear Down. Watch your Stress Cue

The diagram below resembles a speedometer.  

The range on the meter is from “Slow” to “Whoa!”
The “trick” here is to recognize your particular cue.  The cue is when you first realize that your body is beginning to “race”.   As you can see, there is no real problem in the “Slow” or “Go” mode.  In fact, it is good to be in the “Go” mode because that’s where we do our best work.
However, we have the tendency to “over-rev” our engines, and you can sense when this is taking place.
For instance, you may find it difficult to catch your breath.  You can feel your heart racing.  On the other hand, perhaps it’s a cognitive example, such as snapping at someone.  Or, it could be cursing under your breath.  Whatever it is, it’s your “cue” to “back off the accelerator”, and slow down. So as an example.
To determine your "stress cue", to tell yourself to slow down,  ask yourself:

I usually over-react when,

I know something is getting to me when,

Therefore my stress cue is, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

By learning and practicing effective coping techniques, you can “de-accelerate” and bring yourself off the “red line”, and more stress free.

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