Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dealing with the Stress of Change in our Lives

Facing change in life can be stressful.  We don't like change, primarily because it affects our normal balance of life.  In fact, the stress response is a really just a change of normal, or homeostasis. Whenever there is a change we have to react to it in order to cope with, adapt to it. 

However, the real stress, at least the negative stress involved, comes not from the change, but our resistance to it.  Remember, we don't like change, so when it comes, and we know it will, we react with words like, "Oh I can't deal with this now!"  Or, "Why is this happening to me?" And we actually try to fight it with negative coping techniques.  These are tools such as aggression (fight), regression (whine, cry, hold our breath, etc.).  We deny the change, such as the ole 'stick my fingers in my ears - this isn't happening, or even completely withdraw from the change (depression, escape), and in all these tools we do nothing except put off the inevitable.   The change is taking place, whether we want it or not.

However, change isn't a bad thing.  Change is happening all around us it's a part of being alive, so it's far better - and less stressful - to deal with it ACTIVELY.

This means to go with the flow of change.  Whether it's a job, our bodies, or whatever it may be.  Fighting the change only means PAIN.  

So it's always a matter of how we view the change.  What do we know if it's not for the best?  Got news for you, it usually is.  While not as clear as that right now, I know in my 60 years it all sort of works out for the best.  

When change happens we need to keep a monitor on our reaction to it.  Sometimes that's just telling ourselves, "Ok, this (what the change is), isn't what I want, but I believe it's happening to help me, make my life better, in the long run."   Then go about deciding how to deal with the change.  This should always lead to ACTION on our part to let the change take place.  

This is the "Walking the Path of Least Resistance" the world's wise men have spoken of through the years, and it's the key to remaining serene through any change we might experience. 

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